Art Dinners
Jamul Haven Artist-Patron
Dinner Series
   There has always been a mutual dependency
between artists and art patrons.  Aspiring artists
depend on patrons for their early developmental
feedback, and for support.  Art patrons seek out
new and promising artists who merit their
assistance.  Throughout 2009 the Jamul Haven
artist colony ( will be
sponsoring an artist-art patron dinner series to commence at 7:00 PM on the first Sunday of each
     During the art dinners patrons and artists will dine together on a five course gourmet feast
complete with appetizers, soup, salad, main course, and desert.  Dinner is served with wine and
followed by espresso, cappacino, or an after dinner drink.
     Each evening we will attempt to have one visual artist, one musician, and one literary artist.  The
visual artist's work will be on display throughout the evening and they will introduce themselves and
their work following appetizers..  The musician(s) will play during the meal and will introduce
themselves at the conclusion of the main course.  The literary artist will read from their work during
and after desert.
     There is no fee for artists or art patrons to participate.  Artists "pay" for their meal through the
work of their art.  Art patrons "pay" for their meal by making a commitment that if they like one of the
artists they will support that artist in some way.  Examples of support include financial support;
promotional support (writing a review, displaying artwork in a public venue, and so on); or
networking support (introducing the artist to someone who will benefit their artistic career).
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