The story of T.S. Eliot, told in the form of a surrealistic
Broadway style musical reminiscent of a cross between
Moulin Rouge and Cabaret.  Libretto and lyrics by William
Roetzheim, music by the Czech composer Vladimir
Spasojevic.  This musical also deals with issues of
sexual identity.
Thomas Stearns (T.S.) Eliot, the poet
Vivienne, an English woman and his wife
Jack, a young English man
Belgian Lady One
Belgian Lady Two
Reginald, an older English man
J. Alfred Prufrock, an older English man
King Bolo, a black man
Queen Bolo, a large black woman
Columbo, a small black man
The Reverend Hammond Aigs, a middle aged Baptist
Sweeney Agonistes, an Irish man about 30
Street Lamp
Newspaper Vendor
Madame Sosostris, a gypsy
Thomas Becket, an Anglican Bishop
Burnt Norton, an English man
The stage is divided into two
parts.  On one side is the
“real world” of London in
1939.  On the other side is a
timeless and time shifting
“inner world”.  The inner
world starts out fantastic in a
bizarre but fun way,
transitions to the horror of
Dante’s “Inferno”, and ends
up more toward the
dreariness of Becket’s
“Waiting for Godot”.
About the Poet:
TS Eliot spent his life struggling with
his sexual identity.  He was gay, but his
strict religious upbringing and concern
for how society viewed him made this
lifestyle unacceptable.  Ultimately, he
chose a monastic lifestyle and
suppressed what he saw as sinful
urges, with the result some of the most
successful poetry of dreariness and
monotony ever written.
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Eliot was a winner of the Seahorse
Award for Best Musical Libretto at the
Moondance International Film
Festival, and a finalist for the USA
Book News National Book Awards for
Best Drama/Play.
      Songs in Act One
              Just Two Love Birds
              The Seamy Side of Town
              The Women Come and Go
              Welcome to My Couch
              Sin and Damnation
              Living like Bolo
              Sin Just a Little Bit
              The Unpleasant Mr. Eliot

      Songs in Act Two
              Rhapsody on a Windy Night
              I’ve Lost Mr. Eliot
              The Furies
              Read the Cards
              Martyr Yourself
              Ash Wednesday
              The Hollow Men
              The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock