The story of Robert Frost, told as if he has come back
from the dead to visit the stage for another of his famous
readings and chats with the audience.  This play also
deals with issues of mental illness.
Robert Frost, the poet
Elinor Frost, his wife
Kay Morrison, his secretary and mistress

Kay Morrison may be played by the same actor who plays
Elinor Frost.
The play takes place over a
period of time roughly from
1900 through 1950.  Interior
scenes take place in a small
rustic farmhouse decorated
circa 1910.  Exterior scenes
are played with Frost amongs
the audience.
About the Poet:
When asked to name a poet or recite a
poem, Robert Frost is at the forefront of
the public mind.  Forty years after his
death he still has active fan clubs and
throngs of loyal followers.  
Schizophrenia ran in his family and
there is evidence that Frost suffered
from this illness as well.
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Frost has won a Seahorse award at the Moondance
International Film Festival for Best Stageplay,  and was a
finalist for the Poetry Foundation’s Pegasus Verse
Drama award and the National Best Books award for
Best Drama.  Frost was read before a live audience at
the Moondance International Film Festival, the 6th @
Penn theatre in San Diego, and the Twiggs Green Room
in San Diego.