"Five Poet Plays" by William Roetzheim
"Five Poet Plays" is a series of loosely integrated full-length plays
about the five poets at the turn of the 20th Century who did the
most to set the direction of modern poetry through the remainder
of that Century.  Each play is named after the last name of the
poet involved, Dickinson, Eliot, Lowell, Frost, and Pound.  The
plays integrate biographical information about the poets with their
poetic work to offer the audience greater insight into them as
individuals, into their poetry, and into the issues that surrounded
them.  Each of the plays is described in more detail below.

During the next twenty-four months I will be workshopping the
plays in a series of staged readings nationally, premiering the
plays before a live audience, and producing the plays as touring
performances.  I'm looking for theatres and acting companies
who are interested in working with me on this project, plus
theatre professionals (Directors, Actors, etc.) who would be
interested in participating in a touring show.  If you are interested
in participating, email me:
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Five Poet Plays

Dickinson:  The story of Emily Dickinson, told primarily as a one night conversation (perhaps even confrontation) between the
playwright and the poet.  This play also deals with issues of sexual identity, mental illness, and incest.  To learn more about this

Eliot:  The story of T.S. Eliot, told in the form of a surrealistic Broadway style musical reminiscent of a cross between Moulin
Rouge and Cabaret.  Libretto and lyrics by William Roetzheim, music by the Czech composer Vladimir Spasojevic.  This musical
also deals with issues of sexual identity.  To learn more about this play,

Lowell:  The story of Amy Lowell, told in the form of a drawing room comedy.  The focus of this play is on the transition from things
traditional to things “modern,” including poetry, music, art, industrial art, and sexual mores’.  The destruction of things traditional
to make way for things new is a common theme.  The play also deals with issues of woman’s rights and gay rights.  to learn
more about this play,

Frost:  The story of Robert Frost, told as if he has come back from the dead to visit the stage for another of his famous readings
and chats with the audience.  This play also deals with issues of mental illness.  To learn more about this play,

Pound:  This play gives Ezra Pound his trial on charges of treason that the government never permitted.  This play also deals with
issues of freedom of speech, economic theory with an emphasis on the Social Credit movement of the 1930s, and prejudice with
an emphasis on anti-Semitism.  To learn more about this play,