This play gives Ezra Pound his trial on charges of
treason that the government never permitted.  This play
also deals with issues of freedom of speech, economic
theory with an emphasis on the Social Credit movement
of the 1930s, and prejudice (especially anti-Semitism).
The play is written as a one-man show.  
The play takes place on an
empty stage.  The only
required prop is a 1940
vintage radio microphone
and stand.
About the Poet:
Ezra Pound is most noted for the literary
figures that he mentored and
supported, including James Joyce, TS
Eliot, Ernest Hemingway, DH
Lawrence, and many others.  He was a
passionate economist and advocate of
an economic theory called social credit.
 During World War 2 he made regular
anti-American and anti-semitic radio
broadcasts on Italian radio, and after
the war he was charged with treason.  
He was never tried, but was imprisoned
in an insane asylum for eighteen years.
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